I like to document any oddities, weirdness, unique problems and my own failings that have not been possible to solve by scouring the web in search of a solution. Hopefully, you encountered a post on this page as a solution to a problem you were yourself, having.

Ubuntu root-on-ZFS full disk encryption password management

TL;DR: Scroll to the bottom for a howto. Background Ubuntu usability bug Ubuntu has a long-standing usability bug, where a user can elect to use full disk encryption for their Ubuntu installation, and will be offered to save a recovery key, but the recovery key will not exist once the user is finished with their installation. Ubuntu Security Key DialogThe default recovery key location will not exist once the user reboots to their new system...

August 29, 2022 · Daniel Akulenok

UniFi Access Points, error http code: 000, ntp issues

TL; DR: Scroll down for the simple solution. Read on for the full discovery of how intricately I shot myself in the foot with solid network security practices. So I had this very niche error with the UniFi access points. Any time I tried to upgrade the access point in the UniFi controller web interface, it would fail silently. Further investigation showed that upgrading from the console, using the upgrade command would write the following in /var/log/messages of the AP-AC-Pro-Gen2...

October 17, 2017 · Daniel Akulenok

Dovecot: Unknown protocol: imaps

Came across this weird bug when upgrading a system through Weezy -> Jessie -> Stretch today. A server was running dovecot with imaps. After the upgrade, it was no longer responding on port 993. After some digging around, i found out that the issue was located in 10-ssl.conf: ssl = no You can go ahead and change that setting to ssl = required and have another look at the various settings in the file....

September 18, 2017 · Daniel Akulenok

REPOST: RTC problems in Debian on Dell PowerEdge servers

I’ve had some problems with RTC on Dell PowerEdge servers with Debian 4.0 (etch), which were unfixable by all of the following: Set Hz to 100/250/1000 Try newer kernel Add –directisa option to hwclock (Would only fix a symptom of the problem, and not touch the problem itself at all) The symptoms: You get a lot of messages like this: rtc: lost some interrupts at 2048Hz This varies (in my case) between 1024Hz, 2048Hz and 4096Hz....

December 14, 2010 · Daniel Akulenok